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The Gift of Public Art

Published March 3, 2019

Harold Linke achieves the impossible. As a sculptor, he takes something that will never move and gives it movement; he takes something that will never feel and gives it emotion; he takes something inert and gives it lifelike spirit.

If you’ve not seen Linke’s triptych “Ener-Joy” in front of Silverthorne’s Performing Arts Center, stop by to soak up the work’s movement and emotion.

“The process of connecting all things together with your heart and your experience is endlessly fascinating to me,” Linke comments on how his art influences those who see it. The Evergreen artist created these pieces around the idea of performance energy — how energy flows from the performers to the audience and back again.

Linke is well aware of the impact art can have on the public.

“In Silverthorne,” Linke adds, “the Arts Board and city have given a gift to everyone that goes through the town. The gift is one of spirit. It’s not just from my sculpture, but it is from all of the art that they’ve placed. Public art is a gift where you can take a minute to sit and find the enjoyment that the art gives, then place a piece of that feeling in your heart to take with you when you go.”

The joy in Linke’s own heart is evident when speaking with him. He is clearly a people-person. He is quick to praise people when asked what he loves about Silverthorne. (“Joanne and Paul are great people who love their community and make it a great place.”) Linke loves to be with his family and is drowning in fan mail — receiving calls from people across the West who spot his work.

“The clock stops when I go into the studio,” says Linke. He’s a true believer in the theory that it’s not work if you love what you do. Listening to him speak about his chosen profession, it’s evident that Linke loves what he does. He puts his two engineering degrees from Stanford to good work molding beauty from carbon fiber and choosing the perfect polymer coating with tiny nanospheres that are exactly the wavelength of blue light (making the sculptures seem to glow even on cloudy days).

Most recently, Linke handcrafted trophies for world ice dance champions, and although he’s been sculpting for decades, he’s nowhere close to running out of ideas. Look for his airy, joyful creations not only in Silverthorne but from Wyoming to New Mexico and Missouri to Oregon.

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