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New Recycling Center Brings Convenience to Silverthorne

Published May 14, 2020
Silverthorne Recycling Center

As towns across Summit County participate in Town Clean Up week, removing debris uncovered by melting piles of snow, it’s a great time to review recycling guidelines at the County’s newest recycling facility. Earlier this year, the Silverthorne Recycling Center opened at the base of the Dillon Dam and behind the Outlets at Silverthorne, providing a much needed facility for residents on this end of Summit County.

“The Silverthorne Recycling Center is a major success of the Strong Future initiative, and it’s an important step toward reaching the community goal of 40% diversion by 2035. The new drop-off center makes recycling more convenient for residents on the northern end of the county, and we’re thrilled to see food scrap collection offered at the site,” says Rachel Zerowin, Community Programs Director at the High Country Conservation Center (HC3).

Drop Off Recycling

To reach community waste reduction goals, it is important for community members to know what is and isn’t recyclable in Summit County. Drop off recycling centers in Summit County accept plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, glass and more, but they must be thoroughly sorted before being disposed of. If items are not properly sorted, materials become contaminated and may no longer be recyclable.

Accepted Items

When sorting materials at home, remember to rinse containers and not to put recyclables in plastic bags. Recyclables should be put directly in their corresponding bins without bags. Plastic bags are not recyclable and will cause contamination to the rest of the recycling if used. In Summit County, plastic bottles #1-#2 are the only plastics accepted. No plastics #3-7, film or clamshells (containers commonly used for berries) are accepted.

If you have questions whether a material is recyclable or not, follow HC3’s advice: When in doubt, throw it out. HC3 says that “It’s important to understand that recycling only works when it’s done the right way. If you’re someone who tosses any old piece of plastic into the bin and hopes, you’re causing more harm than good. Unaccepted items, or trash, thrown into the recycling bin is considered contamination, and that can cause an entire load of recyclables to end up in the trash.”

Traditional recycled goods like plastic bottles, tin cans, and cardboard boxes are not the only things accepted at the Silverthorne recycling center. Waxed cartons for milk and juice are accepted, along with food waste. When residents sign up for HC3’s free food scrap program, they can request a free food scrap bucket to collect their waste at home. Please note that food scrap buckets are limited.

Where do Recyclables Go

Properly recycling materials at our local facilities helps ensure a sustainable future for our waste. While products like cardboard, mixed paper and plastics go on to many different suppliers to become objects like new cardboard, tissue, cereal boxes, lumber, and more; other products like glass are used locally. Glass, like aluminum, can be recycled infinitely. And in Summit County, our glass is recycled and reused by MillerCoors’ Rocky Mountain Bottling Co. in Wheat Ridge, CO. Glass recycled in Summit County can be returned to the store shelf in just 30 days!

For more information about what can be recycled in Summit County, check out the following graphic or visit HC3’s website.

Drop off recycling materials