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Lake Dillon Theatre Company Continues to Make Its Mark

Published June 14, 2019
Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia! at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company

The Silverthorne Performing Arts Center, home to the Lake Dillon Theatre Company, was recently awarded the Downtown Colorado Inc. “Best New Addition to Downtown” award. This Governor’s Award acknowledges the dramatic impact the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center and the Lake Dillon Theatre Company have had on the vibrant arts and culture scene in Silverthorne. This summer, the theatre company has a robust schedule of hit shows including “Mamma Mia!”, “Tell Me On A Sunday” and “Barefoot In the Park.”

The new performing arts center has also made an impact on theatre operations, allowing them to grow and expand. “Mamma Mia!” cast member, Alan Osburn (who plays Sam) – shared a few stand-out memories from a past show he directed at the old theatre.

When I directed “Sleuth”, the morning of opening night I arrived at the theatre around 10 a.m. for final dress rehearsal. When I arrived, I was informed that we couldn’t do the dress rehearsal as the electricity had gone out the night before and the newly-painted floor was still wet [because it was too cold to dry]. As I contemplated how to proceed I made a stop at the restroom, only to find it wasn’t working because the pipes were frozen. When I went backstage, [Artistic Director] Chris Alleman was trying to keep the fire marshal from shutting down the theatre as the space heaters that were being used to warm up the pipes were a fire code violation. When Chris finally came out to the front, he said, “You will probably never want to work here again.” But here we are, in a brand new gorgeous facility, with state-of-the-art bathrooms, lots of electricity, and not a space heater in sight.

With a new, award-winning facility, Silverthorne’s performing arts center and local theatre group are gaining recognition beyond just the state of Colorado. The New York Times recently covered local theatre groups, including patron comments regarding the LDTC promotion of “conversations our community needs to have.” This season, that community conversation continues with the theatre’s focus on human connection. Each show focuses on different relationships, sparking conversations that communities both big and small need to have. Osburn says, “We all have problems, frustrations, hopes, dreams, and desires. When we see someone on stage dealing with their issues, we ‘connect’ and are somehow comforted, motivated, enlightened, or maybe we just smile.”

One of the most anticipated shows of the season, “Mamma Mia!”, goes deep on the personal connections. Mercedes Perez (who plays Donna) shared how thinking about her own 16-year old daughter has made her reflect on “the understanding and patience it takes to bring up a daughter in complex situations.”

The human connections that the theatre explores aren’t just left for the stage. “Returning to the Lake Dillon Theatre means having a great time with a lot of talented and fun people in the beautiful mountains of Colorado,” Perez says.

Head to the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center this summer, not only to explore the beautiful facility, but to experience the human connection that Lake Dillon Theatre Company inspires in their staff and in our community. Read more about the “Mamma Mia!” cast here.