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Heavy Metal: A New Feel at SPAC

Published May 19, 2019
Photo Credit: Joshua Pass

When you hear “heavy metal,” what comes to mind? Long hair, ripped clothing, and insane drum solos? Metallica? Iron Maiden? Motley Crue?

Wrong genre, folks.

The latest artwork to join Silverthorne’s collection of public art is crafted from a piece of metal, but it’s a feast for the eyes, rather than the ears.

Of course, the work of creating metal art is probably just as loud as Tommy Lee’s job. But don’t worry: Joshua Pass, the artisanal metalworker who created the sculpture “Link,” which currently graces the exterior of Silverthorne’s Performing Arts Center, wears ear protection.

“Aesthetically, it really fits the space,” explains Pass. “The sculpture is an artistic rendering of a person trying to narrate a story — a static form trying to tell a story. ‘Link’ communicates the balance of building off the natural world. The centerpiece in the circle is kind of scarred because it represents life. It has to be exposed to be seen but still has a protected layer.”

All of Pass’s work tells stories about the dynamics between people, and how people deal with the world around them. The forms narrate a story; for example, a stone base may imply hope, and Pass builds around that. He also focuses on the balance between nature and people.

If you’ve had a chance to see “Link,” it won’t surprise you that architecture also plays a starring role in Pass’s art.  

“My work is architecturally inspired adornment for space that is a reaction to life, nature and interpersonal communication,” Pass explains. “I like modern architecture quite a bit — I like to blend tribal feel with modern architecture.”

Pass is a Colorado native who spent a lot of time in Summit County as a child and says being a resident was a definite goal when he was a kid. Though he now lives in Nederland, Pass loves it in Silverthorne.

“It’s like walking down memory lane,” he explains. “Silverthorne is a mountain town with a small personal touch that shows people here care about each other.”

Pass has been a “professional maker,” as he calls it, since 2007, creating jewelry and sculpture. In addition to Silverthorne, his work is on display in Boulder, Santa Fe, Washington and Oregon.