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Eileen Roscina Richardson adds a Splash of Color to Silverthorne Performing Arts Center

Published February 11, 2020

If you haven’t stepped into the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center lately, head over to see the latest exhibit from Denver artist Eileen Roscina Richardson. Eileen’s drawings, on display in the Education Corridor through the end of March, showcase scenes of nature and culinary inspiration. These vibrant and colorful two-dimensional pieces make a stunning complement to Eileen’s other works on display at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center, suspended sculptures made from over 4,000 locally gathered pressed flowers.

Eileen Richardson recipe drawing

About the artist

Eileen developed a passion for bringing art and nature together while taking courses at the School of Botanical Art and Illustration at Denver’s Botanic Gardens. Through the herbarian program, Eileen developed an intimate relationship with plants.

A Denver native born and raised, Eileen’s journey started with film making, shifted to the culinary arts, and then transitioned to creating the art she now showcases. Like her art, these talents are interwoven and Eileen still pursues them, from making short experimental films to growing and maintaining large gardens for food production at home.

Eileen’s interests are represented in her collection of pieces at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center, ranging from recipe depictions to botanical drawings to scenes from nature.

Eileen’s work can also be found at Redline Contemporary Art Center, where she is a resident artist, and Walker Fine Art, both in Denver. When not pressing flowers, tending her garden and cooking, Eileen teaches at Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, a nonprofit that offers free after-school art programming to students ages 7-17 years old.

Eileen Richardson Maize drawing
Eileen Richardson Roots drawing
Eileen Richardson tree drawing