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Can’t Dance? No problem.

Published April 18, 2019

Look, we know you’re at the top of your dating game, but may we make a suggestion? Bring that special someone to the Silverthorne Pavilion on Friday, May 10, for a night of live music and western dancing. It’s a proven method for falling in love. Just ask Steven Herrman.

Early in their dating life, Steven and his wife Leslie tired of the bar scene. Lucky for them, they stumbled upon Silverthorne’s Country Western Dance nights and have been attending monthly for years. Rumor has it, the dancing induced labor for both of their children.

“We haven’t missed very many dances over the years,” says Steven, “even shortly after childbirth.”

Steven admits that he couldn’t dance when he first started attending the dances.

“We learned to dance by going every month,” he explains. “At the beginning of every dance they do an hour lesson, so if you don’t know how to dance it’s fine because you will definitely learn. Tex teaches everything from the two step to the cowboy cha cha. If the crowd is into it, he’ll teach a line dance around 9 p.m. too.”

The best part about the Country Western Dance? The community,  of course.

“The community is awesome,” Steven says. “I love seeing new faces and visitors mixed in with us regulars, dancing, getting out on the floor and having a good time.”

Tempted to give it a go? Now’s the time to do it! For a mere $15 a person, you and your sweetheart enjoy hours of live music by the Walker Williams Band and score toe-tapping knowledge to help float that relationship on down the river of love.

The party starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 10 and it’s the last dance of this season.  See you at the Silverthorne Pavilion!

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